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VPC Flow Logs

It’s a feature that helps us capture the metadata information about a Packet passing through a Network Interface. Remember, it does not capture the packet contents; we need to use the packet sniffer tool for that purpose. Also, VPC flow logs do not capture the information in real-time from network interfaces. Usually, VPC flow logs…

Canary Deployments

First of all, let’s try to understand what a deployment is. A deployment is a technique to upgrade or modify an application or service. The aim is to update the application from the user’s perspective without downtime. But this is said in theory because whenever we are deploying to production, things can go wrong. So…

TLS successor of SSL – An introduction.

Transport Layer Security or, in short, called TLS. It is the successor of SSL. In our previous post, we have explained in simple language; what are SSL certificates and how it helps secure communication over the internet. But now, let’s shift our focus to a more advanced version, i.e., TLS certificates.TLS is simply a protocol…

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