Virtualization World

Brief History: 

Before we introduce and define Virtualization, we need to understand the origin of Virtualization. Before the rise of Virtualization, the Applications, and software run on a physical computer inside a Datacenter. Large Infrastructure running inside Datacenter introduced numerous challenges. The cost is a major factor that includes but not limited to Power, cabling, rack space, cooling, square foot area inside Datacenter for physical hardware, IT staff for management, etc. Also, in the Datacenter model, there is one to one mapping between the software and the computer. As a result, most of the systems are underutilized. Lastly setting up the infrastructure inside a Datacenter is a time-consuming process.

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Market Research: A Snapshot

When we hear of the term marketing, the most resonating topics under it that come to our minds are sales and advertising and unfortunately for most of the people, marketing is all about advertising a product with a lot of pomp and show and then selling it at a price which not just justifies its quality and technical costs but also it’s advertising budget. Bigger the advertisement, the higher the cost. Right? No. Without a doubt advertising is a very important part of the whole marketing exercise, being mean to meet the end and sale of course, is the end. End or closure to a deal, as they say, there’s no end to selling because marketing continues even after selling and there’s one branch of it that is being deployed right from the beginning stage where ideation happens and goes on even after the sale has been made. That part is – market research.

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Depression: An Overview

When Ashit, Saransh and I discussed on starting our own blog site, one thing that we were sure of was that the content would vary from technology to business to general (prevalent and relevant) topics. While I had already written my first blog on marketing and about to publish it, I was already thinking of writing something on a topic that would be relevant to this lockdown situation and the news of sad demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput was all over the media. That piece of news left me with a lot of thoughts on why someone would take this extreme step to end the journey that seemed to have hit the correct road. Yet again, “depression” was identified as the reason. People, both from within and outside the Hindi film industry started sharing their reactions and out pours of sympathy towards not only the deceased actor but towards people in general as well who are battling depression. There have been a steady rise in the no. of depression related deaths, 8,00,000 people every year die by committing suicide. (source: WHO) The scenario is worse with regards to our own country where mental illness is not even considered as an illness. Before I put anything forward, I want you to keep in mind that suicide is the second leading cause of death in 15-29 years. (source: WHO) I am not going to present any advice or suggestions as I am not qualified to be doing that but as debate or being an observant, am putting forward some points that I feel should be looked into.

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DevOps: An Infinity Loop

What is DevOps:

DevOps is the combination of best practices, philosophies that bridges the gap between Development (Dev) and Infrastructure (Ops) teams. This enables an organization’s ability to build, test, and release software’s, services much faster and reliable as compared to the traditional approach where both teams use to work in siloes.

It helps an organization to gain customer trust and provide better response to customer needs.

DevOps Culture:

Adapting to DevOps philosophies requires a change in mindset.

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