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Hi, I’m Ashit Mittal !

As a child, I was fond of computers for only one reason: PC games. 

My journey into the tech world started with my first job, where I worked on the VMware virtualization platform. I still remember that day when I was astonished at how we could run multiple Systems and applications on a single server. Since then, I got interested and never looked back.

So far, I have worked on various technologies like VMware vSphere, Azure, AWS, Docker, GitLab, Terraform, Vault, and I am always curious to explore the latest technologies.


You can connect to me on or my LinkedIn.

Hey, I’m Saransh Bhandari!


If I try to sum up two things I love, it will be a well-written piece of code and a well-prepared meal.

I have always been intrigued by computers. As a kid, I saw my first computer in 2004 and instantly fell in love. A machine that allowed me to play games and ask questions.

I learned my first programming language(C) in 2009 before I picked computer science as a major in college.

Throughout my career, I got to work using various technologies and computer languages.==


I never limit myself to a single language or technology, keep on trying new things, and believe in learning on the job if I encounter some new technology or something I don’t know.

I like to travel to new places and learn about different cultures and cuisine in my free time.

You can contact me at or or you can visit

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