Are Cloud certifications worth?

I am certified on multiple cloud technologies and platforms, including AWS, Azure, etc. I started my certification journey three years back, and since then, I am learning and exploring new tools and technologies. The sad part is to get recertified because most of the technical certifications are valid for 2-3 years. So, if you want to prove your knowledge, then recertify.

With the changing technology, many new tools are becoming popular, and so are the certifications for those tools. The famous Cloud certifications like Azure and AWS offer certifications at various levels starting from Beginner level, then moving up to the Associate level, which is further divided into different streams based on the role. Usually, both contain Developer and System Operations role. Then ultimately, to the advanced level, i.e., Architect certification. Apart from these role-based certifications, they offer specialty certifications that don’t fit their role-based certifications like Security, Networking, Data, etc.

Answering the essential questions?

  • Will it help you to get a job in cloud technology?
  • Will it help you to get an increment in your salary?
  • Will it help you to overcome your daily challenges in the project?

There can be more questions you can come up with concerning the benefits of certifications.

The honest answer is “No” for all the above questions because, as compared to the certification knowledge, practical knowledge or hands-on experience has more value. Also, it won’t help you to get an increment in your income. Neither the certification guarantees that you will be able to solve the problem in your project.

All of this leads to another question? Why are these becoming popular?

The cloud certifications pave the way for someone who is already working on cloud technology. Certifications enlighten a person to see and understand this cloud technology and reap benefits from it. Next time you would know multiple solutions to fulfill a requirement. You would be able to talk and challenge the experts on the need or solution. Having a certification will be an extra star on your resume which can further help you to schedule an interview.

Conclusion: Practical knowledge will always have more weightage than Certifications. Personally, new cloud certifications challenge me to learn something new. It allows me to prove that I am dedicated to learn and explore something new. However, the focus should always be on the crucial topics of your field. Don’t complete all the AWS or Azure certifications until it helps you in your professional career growth.

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