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What is an API? A brief introduction

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It acts as a simple interface that allows two applications to talk to each other, where communication is initiated by one application/end. Let’s understand this using a simple analogy, and I am sure you are aware of Skyscanner or Trivago’s website, which lets you find and compare all the flights and hotels based on your needs. Have you ever given a thought to this, how it works? How can Skyscanner retrieve all the flight’s details along with its price between specified source and destination? Or How Trivago can compare all the hotels across all the websites? It’s where API comes into the picture. Assume it’s not for this API, then an operator at the Skyscanner or Trivago has to email every airline or Hotel company to get their price list. So anytime we want to book a flight or hotel, we open the Skyscanner website, and we fill in all the required details, and boom, we see the information of all the available flights. In the background, an API call is made to all the Airlines company whose result is shown on the Skyscanner website.

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