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DNS – Heart of the Internet

Most computer engineers come across this term, and most of them study the concept of DNS. But do you understand it fully? I am sure this article; will help you know how DNS works in an easy language. Let’s start with the basic introduction and other concepts around it.


The full form of the DNS is a domain name server. It is regarded as the Internet phone directory. Comparing the analogy with the standard phone directory, which has a name and associated phone number, DNS contains the website name (domain name) and its associated IP address. In short, it translates a human-readable address, say microsoft.com, to a machine-readable IP address (example because the machine does not understand microsoft.com; it can only understand the IP address.

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Canary Deployments

First of all, let’s try to understand what a deployment is. A deployment is a technique to upgrade or modify an application or service. The aim is to update the application from the user’s perspective without downtime. But this is said in theory because whenever we are deploying to production, things can go wrong. So the only possible way is to reduce the overall downtime, which can be achieved using canary deployments. The best part of using canary deployments is, it can be applied to mobile, desktop, and website applications.

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