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Beginner’s Guide to Hybrid Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has evolved in past years and with rising customer needs the organizations are exploring multiple options to meet the demands and this has given rise to one of the most used Cloud Computing Technology i.e. Hybrid Cloud. It’s a type of computing environment that combines Public and Private clouds to reap the benefits of both. An Application and all its components share the resources between one or more public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft’s Azure, etc. and private clouds, on-premises infrastructure. Hybrid Cloud technology provides greater flexibility by leveraging the public cloud for high computing needs and private cloud for sensitive and business-critical workloads. Hence, it’s often-called “Best of Both Worlds”.

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Beginner’s guide to Cloud Computing.

Everyone is talking about Cloud these days, from our colleagues to our friends working in the IT or non-IT field. I will try to help you understand what cloud computing is and why it is changing the business perspective.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is on-demand delivery or availability of computing resources like network, server, storage, database, applications, AI, ML tools, etc. over the internet. We only pay for the services we utilize (aka. pay-as-you-go pricing). Instead of buying and maintaining physical datacenters and servers, we can leverage these services directly over the Internet. There are various Cloud Providers in the market, however, the cloud market is dominated by Amazon Web Services (AWS) followed by Microsoft’s Azure and then Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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