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GitOps – Developer centric practice

Finally, we have something for developers, DevOps practices are widely accepted, and it helps to bridge the gap between Developers and Operations team. But GitOps entire focus is on developers and developers only. It can be considered as a combination of Git and DevOps practices. It’s like all the code for the deployment of an application, and its underlying infrastructure is saved on Git repositories and combining with all the DevOps concepts say Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CD), etc. GitOps is best used for Cloud Native applications; currently, its best case is to do application deployment and Kubernetes Cluster management. It considers Git as the single source of information and pushes all the data to Kubernetes Clusters, so there is no drift between the desired and current state. This approach is developer-friendly because they are already familiar with the tools to pull or push changes for application deployments and managing Kubernetes operations.

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Why Infrastructure as Code or IaC is gaining popularity among organizations

To understand the importance of Infrastructure as code approach lets first understand what is Infrastructure as code or IaC

Rise of IaC:

Traditionally the virtual datacenters (Virtualization) say on VMware was provisioned using a management portal where an administrator logs in to the system and from the GUI provision all the required components (VM’s, Network, Storage, etc.) which could consume ranging from few days to months depending upon the Infrastructure size. As we are making the transition towards Cloud where the majority of the things are API driven and mostly infrastructure can be provisioned within a few hours compared to the traditional approach explained above.

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Version Control System

Version Control (aka Revision Control aka Source Control) Systems are special types of software that track all changes to a file/code over time. Thus, providing an opportunity to go back in time to revert to an earlier version or compare an earlier version with the existing version. For generations source code is considered as the most precious article which needs to be kept to be protected (kept inside a vault). Hence source code is considered as a most important repository for developers.

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DevOps: An Infinity Loop

What is DevOps:

DevOps is the combination of best practices, philosophies that bridges the gap between Development (Dev) and Infrastructure (Ops) teams. This enables an organization’s ability to build, test, and release software’s, services much faster and reliable as compared to the traditional approach where both teams use to work in siloes.

It helps an organization to gain customer trust and provide better response to customer needs.

DevOps Culture:

Adapting to DevOps philosophies requires a change in mindset.

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