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TLS successor of SSL – An introduction.

Transport Layer Security or, in short, called TLS. It is the successor of SSL. In our previous post, we have explained in simple language; what are SSL certificates and how it helps secure communication over the internet. But now, let’s shift our focus to a more advanced version, i.e., TLS certificates.
TLS is simply a protocol that establishes an encrypted session between the client and the server over the internet. Then it raises one question what the difference between SSL and TLS certificates is? The answer is both are the same; whatever is explained in the previous post about the working of certificates is the same; however, it can be understood as “Digital certificates using either SSL or TLS protocol “to establish a secure connection.

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Demystifying SSL Certificates

These days we all know security is of paramount importance. With increasing online data exchange, we should feel secure while logging into a bank’s website or buying products from e-commerce websites, etc., and not fall victim to cybercrime by compromising our passwords and Credit card information. To ensure all the information is exchanged over the internet securely, we use SSL certificates.

SSL Stands for Secure Socket Layer, a global security technology that enables encrypted communication between the web browser (end-user) and a web server. It also guarantees the trust between two parties during a transaction. Before we explain much more about SSL certificates, let’s try to understand a few terminologies.

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